Property Condition Inspection and Securing

When Webfair, Inc receives a new property, our professional crews will complete and submit a detailed property inspection, confirm the property is vacant, and change all exterior locks. If there are any broken windows or doors, they will be boarded, repaired, or clear boarded depending on the areas requirements.  Any hazards are taken care of, and a winterization can be completed immediately if needed

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Initial Preservation Services

When the preservation of the property begins, all interior and exterior debris is removed.  Appliances can be removed on request.  All debris is removed and disposed of at licensed facilities, and according to local laws.

All hazards are rectified - missing handrails, open gas lines, exposed wires, missing outlet and switch covers, etc.

Dated before, during, and after pictures are taken and submitted for your approval.

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Routine Maintenance

When initial services are completed to your standards, we will perform routine maintenance to insure the property always has good curb appeal until it is sold. This includes lawn maintenance, re-cleans, and snow removal as well as correcting any problems that arise between visits.

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Since 2002

Preservation and Maintenance Services Include:

  • Re-keying and securing
  • Ordered evictions
  • Personal property and debris removal
  • Boarding or clear boarding due to vandalism
  • Initial clean and yard services including mowing, edging, and trimming of bushes
  • Winterization and de-winterization
  • Snow removal as required
  • Pool securing or removal
  • Safety hazard repairs
  • Routine maintenance per your requirements