Our Approach

Webfair, Inc is a Property Preservation company in business since 2002.

Webfair works for numerous brokers in the midwest, and we've had an agreement with a nationwide company to service all of their properties in the lower 2/3 of Illinois, and Indiana since 2005.

> When a house gets foreclosed and doesn't sell at auction, we go in and complete initial services.  At that time, we remove all items from the property that are not attached (except the appliances), clean inside the house and buildings, mow, and trim overgrown bushes.  We're committed to making the house and property look good for prospective buyers.  We'll return on a regular basis for routine grass cuts and to make sure the house is still clean and secure. Winterize/de-winterize done as requested, and complete snow removal whenever there is 2" or more of snow.

> Our pay is above the industry standards, and we pay next week.  Anything that you turn in by Thursday morning gets paid the next Friday by direct deposit.  We wait the 30-60 days to get paid, we don't make you wait.

Our Story